Mr. Gopal Zanwar
- CEO & MD
Size Masters Gauges & Tools

Over the last 20 years, Size Masters has developed a strong and dedicated workforce of more than 100 Engineers. Founded in 1999, this team is being led by the dynamic and foresighted leader, Mr. Gopal Zanwar. He is a qualified Mechanical Engineer. He also pursued more than 30 years of experience in the gauging industry. He brings to Size Masters not only engineering penchant and drive, but also the vision of customer focus and service. Mr. Gopal is actively involved in the company operations at the top management level enabling Size Masters to maximize the value of its products and service offerings. He also heads the sales & marketing team which is continuously engaged in developing newer products and components that enable Size Masters to maximize the value product and service offerings. Under his premiership and meticulous decision making Size Masters is expanding exponentially.

Mr. Kiran Zanwar
- Managing Director
Size Masters Calibration Services

Established in 2004 by Mr. Kiran Zanwar. With his expertise in customer handling and communication, he brings a strong hand for the company. Mr. Kiran is a Mechanical Engineer & with his affords Size Masters Calibration Services became the 1st Thread Gauge Manufacturing Company to have ISO 17025 Certification for National Accreditation Broad of Laboratories. With his vision and expertise, today size masters have spread its wings internationally by establishing Setups in Pune, Bangalore & UAE.

Mr. Mayur Zanwar
- Managing Director
Size Masters Multi Gauging

Established in 2016 by Mr. Mayur Zanwar with more than 20 Engineers. Size Masters started enhancing its product range in multi and special gauging. Mr. Mayur Zanwar is a Mechanical Engineer & lead the R&D & Design team. His goal is to deliver the finest quality of gauges in real quick time. Mr Mayur with his competence in product design and innovative concepts Size Masters Multi Gauging is flourishing all ways.

Mr. Vishwas Dhamale
- Plant Manager
Size Masters Gauges & Tools

Mr. Vishwas is one of the pioneers in Size Masters Gauges & Tools. With his 35 years of experience, he looks after the production & supply chain. He is actively interfaced with customers and senior management for order expediting, capacity planning, and material forecasts for smooth operations. He involves in establishing the operational policies and implement process improvements to ensure superior quality and outstanding output.

Mr. Nagesh Dalbhajan
- Production & Quality In-charge
Size Masters Gauges & Tools

Mr. Nagesh is one of the key persons in the Size Masters Gauges & Tools. With his 20 years of experience in the gauging industry, he is result driven & dedicated with wide-ranging experience in Production & Quality. Mr. Nagesh manages the Quality department and ensures strict quality control procedures. He also looks after maintaining compliance with critical safety and quality standards. With his knowledge, he ensures to get maximum output from the available source.